Friday, November 02, 2012

Local Patch highlights......

With some nice weather on offer today i decided to go and have a look on the patch at Worlaby.I parked in the village as Carr lane was covered in mud and good weather at this time of year equals Owl dudes.After hearing the familiar 'Wink wink' calls of Pinks,hundreds of birds were seen coming off the Wold top and landing in a stubble field to the north of Carr lane.In all at least 1500 birds were estimated as being seen and at dusk the whole flock flew back towards the Humber to roost,a fantastic sight and sound.I then walked down to the edge of the long wood adjacent to the pasture field and spent the next 3 and a half hours stood here.The best of the days birds seen from here included a cracking adult female Hen Harrier watched sparring with a juv. Marsh Harrier,2 Peregrine,which included a juv. male flying within about 50 metres of me giving stunning views through the scope as it flew south over were i was stood,a further 2 Marsh Harrier(1st adult male and adult female),1 Short-eared Owl and a single Jay.The latter was doing a perfect impression of a Common Buzzard and at first when i heard it,i kept looking up expecting to see a Buzzard flying over until it revealed itself.Other notable sightings from my vantage point included at least 191 Fieldfare,1 Siskin,6 Kestrel,8 Common Buzzard and a nice 'Charm' of 75 Goldfinch.On my walk back to the car,highlights included 2 stunning Barn Owl,1 of which i flushed by mistake from the small conifer plantation,the other being seen near to the village.These are the first Barn Owls i have seen down here for months,so were a nice diversion from the usual suspects.An enjoyable visit in great conditions.

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