Monday, November 19, 2012

Patch Bits and Barton visit......18.11.12.

Juv. Female Peregrine,Worlaby Carrs.

Juv. female Peregrine chasing Juv. Marsh Harrier,Worlaby Carrs.

Female Reed Bunting,Worlaby Carrs.

Male Reed Bunting,Worlaby Carrs.

South bound Pinkfeet,Worlaby Carrs.


Moon rise,Barton.
With my day split in two today due to Trace having to be taken to and from work(No public transport on Sundays),i firstly visited the patch at Worlaby and later had a couple of hours at Barton.It was a gorgeous day today,with bright sun and no wind hardly and i parked up at the top of Carr lane as usual and made my way down the patch.Today,huge numbers of Fieldfare were present,mixed in with a flock of Starlings and at least 300 were counted an impressive sight and sound.Before i reached the Soak drain,the first goodie of the day was seen,a cracking juv. female Peregrine.She was watched on a freshly killed Wood Pigeon and gave superb views as she plucked the Pigeon with beak fulls of feathers.When i approached too close on a couple of occasions,she took to the wing constantly scolding me with that piercing 'Ke,Ke Ke' call,so i backed off and she returned to her kill after a brief skirmish with a juv. Marsh Harrier.Other bits and bobs seen included,2 Short-eared Owl,a couple of south bound flocks of Pink's and 2 Common Buzzard.It was time to pick Trace up and i then travelled over to Barton.Here the highlights were a couple of ducks and both now resident.The 'White Nun' was on his favourite pit adjacent to the hotel and gave his usual views at the other side of the pit and the female Red-crested Pochard showed unusually well right out in the open on the large pit across the road from the old visitor centre car park.She was watched with her adopted family of Gadwall and showed pretty nicely,a long stayer,being first seen back in August.I finished the day attempting to get some pics of the Sunset over the Humber, a great end to a nice day out.