Friday, December 28, 2012

Local Cachinans and Glaucoides.....

While in Grimsby with Trace today i became aware that Tom Lowe had found 2 very nice birds local to me at Bonby.So after eventually getting home from our shopping trip i travelled the short journey over to the birds chosen fields.On arrival,it was apparent there were hundreds of 'Big' Gulls present,thankfully Graham was on hand to help with difficult viewing conditions due to the single track road and only one lay-by.I quickly got onto the Juv. Iceland and watched as it fed fairly close by on the pumped slurry on the fields,before flying onto an adjacent field were the gulls were resting.This is my first Iceland since an adult bird back in May of this year at Bonby Carrs.After much searching and scanning Graham got me onto the Caspian Gull,a cracker of a classic bird with stonking white head.It tended to feed at the back of the field,possibly were the best areas of slurry were to be found,but after the birds flew up for about the third time i managed to locate it much closer this time.I watched and noted all the salient features of this superb gull and i started to 'Phonescope' some video of it,just as they all flew up again.This time unfortunately,they all landed out of view in a dip in the field and that was that,amazing to think that both species are from opposite ends of the compass.Lets hope this area provides us with more goodies to come through the winter,like last winter!.

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