Sunday, December 09, 2012

White Nun,Winter Thrushes and Waxies.......6.12.12.

Drake Smew.

Male House Sparrow.

Male Blackbird.

A visit to Barton for four hours today in freezing conditions,saw a few nice bits and bobs being seen.The best of which was the male Smew being seen at close range on the Outdoor pursuit pit and he gave cracking views,what a stunner!..he was later seen on Western Approach pit also,giving great views once again before flying off towards Hotel Pit.The main feature of the day was the huge numbers of winter thrushes,with at least 2500 plus birds being involved,which were predominantly Fieldfare and i gained some superb views as they plundered the local hawthorn crop,a fantastic site.Amongst the masses of thrushes i managed to pick out two Waxwing as they flew overhead,giving that super bell like trill.The only other birds of note were 6 Siskin passing overhead to the west.A great few hours out and about despite the dull conditions.

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