Thursday, January 31, 2013


Female Mute Swan.

Male House Sparrow.

1st winter Waxwing.

After finishing what seemed a very long four days at work,i got a few hours sleep and then headed over to Barton,parking at the old visitor centre and concentrating on Far-Ings and the new pits over the road.After getting some warm clothes on and getting the camera set up i walked over to Ness hide in the hope of a posing Bittern or Smew.Sadly neither were seen today,but nice views of the local residents kept me interested.The Coots are becoming more territorial and several disputes kicked off as i watched the lake.Also present were at least 4 Goldeneye,sadly never coming close enough for any photos.After spending some time here i decided to walk around past Target lake and then around the new pits back to the car.As i made my way around to Target lake a flock of 15 Siskin passed overhead and i was sure i heard a snippet of Waxwing call.Sure enough 2 1st winter birds were feeding on what berries were left in Target lake hedge.These 2 were pretty flighty,but i eventually managed to get some nice views before they disappeared towards Barton cliff.A quick,drizzly shower passed over as i walked alongside the new pits and a few Wigeon grazed the grass banks along with a handfull of Gadwall.A quick scan of the largest of the ponds revealed the smart female Red-crested Pochard as she dived for her weedy meal,a lovely,subtly marked bird the females of this species are.This bird looks pretty much resident now,being here since last August.With an hour or so left before i picked Trace up from work,i had a quick walk around north meadow,with nothing too exciting to report,but enjoyed nice views of the local Rabbits.A decent few hours out in the local area.

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