Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Mediterranean stunner.....21.04.2013.

After hearing the previous evening that a male Subalpine Warbler had been found at Gibralter Point..i had been determined to put the bird out of my mind,as i needed to add this super species to my Linc's List.So sunday dawned and i was happily working on the computer editing photos from the previous days outing when i received a text from Karen to say it was still there!.So i got the kit together and made the journey over to Gib through all the bloody Sunday traffic,that was entertaining to say the least,the only compensation was a Merlin dashing across the fields near Burgh-Le-Marsh.When i eventually arrived on site,i paid my parking fee and met up with Karen and Simon before we made our way over to Tennyson's north hide were the bird had been residing.Within ten minutes we were watching our first Subalpine Warbler for Lincolnshire.He showed admirably infront of the hide at first before moving further away,giving superb views of the birds salient features,but a nightmare for the AF on the camera to lock on as there always seemed to be branches in the way as the bird fed all the time in buckthorn bushes.I managed to get some record shots all the same.The bird was heard to call and also frequently sang as it looked for food,what a little cracker!!.I'm no expert but the bird looked like it may be a 2nd calendar year and not an adult male due to plumage characters.After getting our fill of this stunning bird,we walked around the reserve seeing and hearing a couple of 'Firsts' for the year in the form of Whimbrel and Lesser Whitethroat and 3 Jay were seen flying south along the dunes.The only other highlight was a 2nd calendar year Med. Gull which was also seen on Tennyson's.A good few hours out and great to see another Subalp.
2nd calendar year Med.Gull.

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