Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Stunning Oldsquaw And Bempton Seabirds.....06.04.2013.

With a decent forecast and a full day to myself i headed for York's and enjoyed a great day out with the camera.I started proceedings at a bright and sunny Hornsea Mere hoping to see the reported adult drake Long-tailed Duck.I spent at least 30 minutes looking for him to start with,but could'nt see him,so i concentrated on looking around the surrounding area before returning for another look.No real highlights were seen,but plenty of display and chasing was going on between the wildfowl and gulls present.At least 30 plus Goldeneye were still here and should be returning north in the near future along with the Oldsquaw.I returned back to look again for the main target and thankfully he was on view.As i watched him, waiting for him to move in closer,i bumped into Dave Mansell and we talked about hiring a rowing boat and rowing out to this cracker.It was a bit like a funny sketch from something like Monty Python as we made our way around the lake,but we did manage to obtain some decent shots of this cracking male,a big thanks must go to Dave for rowing and doing all the hard work.After enjoying the Long-tailed Duck i travelled the short journey over to Bempton RSPB and spent the remainder of the day watching and attempting to capture some images of the resident seabirds and the tamest Tree Sparrows i have ever come across.Some lovely views were enjoyed of the Gannets which included nest building,displaying and some nice,close flypasts and equally excellent views were had of Fulmar,Kittiwake,Guillemot and Razorbills,but no Puffins sadly today.A superb visit was enjoyed to this seabird city and the sights and sounds were brilliant.A great day out in the home county.
Male Pied Wagtail,Hornsea Mere.

Courting Mallards,Hornsea Mere.

Drake Long-tailed Duck,Hornsea Mere.

Tree Sparrow,Bempton RSPB.

Fulmar,Bempton RSPB.

Displaying Gannet,Bempton RSPB.

Adult Gannet,Bempton RSPB.

Adult Gannet with nest material.

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