Sunday, June 23, 2013

Melodious stunner and Messingham insects.

Another early start today with Chris,saw us crossing the border into Notts for the reported singing male Melodious Warbler.After finding the birds chosen area eventually,we were treated to some excellent views of the bird for at least 2 hours on and off as he sang from several perches in his conifer plantation,temporary home.The song was fairly 'Sylvia' like compared to Icterine to my ears and involved much mimicry hearing him copy Blackbird,Blue Tit,Whitethroat and Sedge Warbler with expert precision.What a find by the local birder who found it,initially mis-identified as an Icterine Warbler,which would have been an amazing find in itself,the bird was quickly re-identified as a Melodious.This is the first sighting of this usually occurring,south coast scarce migrant for Nottinghamshire and is the first sighting of this species for myself and Chris's first UK bird.After enjoying this beauty,a quick refuelling stop at Mcdonalds in Gainsborough saw us heading for MSQ on the way home.The weather sadly became more showery at Mess,but we managed to find some interesting bits and bobs,but very few birds.The best of the birds included a singing male Willow Tit and a female Gadwall with a brood of 8 ducklings and good numbers of Black-headed Gull fledglings.Insects provided the best of the sightings here today and included my first Meadow Brown of the year and first Black-tailed Skimmer.Other dragons included at least 6 Hairy's,the most i have seen in a very poor season so far.Several moths were also recorded on our walk and included Silver-ground Carpet,Common Carpet,Yellow Shell,Cinnabar, and Degeer's Longhorn moth.Other niceities included some excellent views of a couple of female Common Lizard and several Frogs and Toads around the reserve.There were also quite a few Orchids starting and still in flower and the best of these were at least 2 spikes of Dune Helleborine and lots of Southern-marsh Orchid still.Another superb day out and the main target accomplished with ease.
Agapanthea villosoviridescens,MSQ.

Common Carpet,MSQ.

Degeer's Longhorn Moth,MSQ.

Female Black-tailed Skimmer,MSQ.

Female Common Lizard,MSQ.

Male Hairy Dragonfly,MSQ.

Male Melodious Warbler,Tiln,Notts.

Male Melodious Warbler,Tiln,Notts.


  1. Love the Melodious Warbler shots,but your Hairy Dragonfly is great,not seen one yet.

  2. Thanks John,much appreciated :-)