Sunday, July 07, 2013

North Riding Forest and the River Derwent.

Another trip out today with Chris,this time to Troutsdale and the Wykeham Forest raptor viewpoint,in stunning North Yorkshire resulted in another great days birding.We arrived bright and early at our parking place beside the River Derwent at Hilla Green and decided to first explore the river towards Wrench Green.Several nice birds were seen along the river here and included a very jumpy Dipper which we eventually got some decent views of,a single Kingfisher zooming past with a flash of electric blue,Spotted Flycatcher,2 Marsh Tit and a couple of the ubiquitous local Grey Wagtails.We also found lots of Roe Deer tracks along the muddier sections of path,after seeing one earlier on the roadside as we approached Hilla and what was most probably a Goshawk kill in the same area.Several waterside and hedgerow plants were seen on the walk and included Herb Bennet,Herb Robert,Meadowsweet and Bugle and this coupled with the lovely scenery,made for a great area to enjoy the hobby.After enjoying our first part of the day,we had a quick drink and then drove the short journey over to the raptor viewpoint at Wykeham.This is were we spent the remainder of the day,in stunning sunshine and high temperatures.Highlights here unfortunately didn't include the hoped for Honey Buzzards,but did include at least 4 Goshawk,with some good,but distant views enjoyed.This included some great action which involved a juv/immature female being mobbed by a male Kestrel,the Kezzie looked tiny compared to this huge female and also some views were had of two juv/immature female chasing and sparring together.I never tire of watching these superb Accipiters and what a privilage it is to watch them in such a stunning area.Other birds seen from our watchpoint included at least 6 Common Buzzard,3 Crossbill,Willow Tit and a handfull of Siskin.Non bird highlights included a stunning male Golden-ringed Dragonfly which was observed catching a bumblebee,a single male Common Hawker along the path to the viewpoint and lots of very tasty Billberry.Another great day out in this cracking part of the world.
Possible Goshawk kill....a Wood Pigeon,River Derwent.

Male Pied Wagtail,Hilla Green.

Male Pied Wagtail,Hilla Green.

The River Derent,Hilla Green.

The River Derwent,Hilla Green.

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