Saturday, August 03, 2013

Local Caspo....

After finishing my nights this morning,i decided to go and have another look on the poo fields at Elsham in the hope of connecting with one of 3...yes 3 Baltic Gulls that have been seen,but sadly no luck again,despite much scanning!.Some decent compensation was had though in a nice self found 3rd year Caspian Gull,which was watched at quite close range and i did manage some record shots of the bird.I watched it as it wandered about feeding and some aggression towards other species present was observed.This bird looked pretty large,but iam certainly no expert on the species.Other species seen while looking over this superb gull area included a couple of adult Med Gulls,one of which was a colour ringed bird,with a green colour ring on its right leg and at least 5 Yellow-legged Gulls(2 adults,2 3rd winter and a juv).One of the adult Y.leg's giving superb views as it bullied the other species present,a proper brute!.A couple of other notable species seen while looking at the larids were 15 Black-tailed Godwit which flew south and a juv. Marsh Harrier being mobbed by the local corvids briefly unsettled the gulls.An excellent few hours out locally.
3rd year Caspian Gull.

Adult Med Gull.

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