Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Scarborough Seabirds and Summer Duck.....11.08.2013.

An Pre-organised trip out of Scarborough today in the search of seabirds,saw Chris and myself heading to sunny North Yorkshire again today to join the intrepid group of Scarborough birders gathered expectantly on the harbour quayside.The plan was to head out 3 miles off Long Nab and see what we could attract into the chum slick.On the way out highlights included a couple of juvenile Puffins,2 Sooty and a handfull of Manx Shearwater and a single Arctic Skua.But after much effort from the lads,particularly Mick,we only managed to attract in the locals,which included a few Gannets and some stunning close encounters with Fulmars.This was mostly an experimental effort to see how far to go out and what bait to use and iam looking forward to the next venture out,a big thanks to Mick and Nick for organising the trip.Back to dry land and a visit to the harbour view cafe for some well earned food then saw us heading for a look at Scalby Mills.After a good look here nothing more than some lovely views of bathing Kittiwakes provided the only highlight here.After a well timed text from Mr Addey,we visited another local hotspot,Seamer Tip Pools to look for a reported Female Garganey.After a quick scan we thought nothing was present,but suddenly the Garganey appeared from some bankside vegetation and gave us the runaround before we got any decent views,a pretty jumpy and nervous individual.Nothing else of note birdwise was seen here apart from a female Tuftie with her brood of youngsters.Another great visit to this,my favourite part of the world.
Adult Gannet.

Adult Great black-backed Gull.




Juvenile Puffin.

Bathing Kittiwakes,Scalby Mills.
Female Garganey,Seamer Tip Pools.


  1. Allways great to catch up on the illuminating write-ups mate,so much good stuff to see..:)

    1. Thanks again for the kind comments mate ;-)