Sunday, December 01, 2013

Local Wander....

After enjoying a riveting mornings shopping in Grimsby i was dying to get out for a bit and Lee and myself headed to Bonby for a wander down to the river and back.As we were getting the gear together a 2nd calendar year male Marsh Harrier flew across the fields heading towards Saxby Carrs,a good start.This first goodie was quickly followed by a hunting Barn Owl along the Soak Drain flying along the drain towards Worlaby.The walk down towards the river saw us seeing a few more sightings of note in the form of 3 Common Buzzards,but little else apart from a Great-spotted Woodie feeding in the dead Elm's near to the River itself.We spent about 45 minutes at the river watching the sun begin to set and added another Common Buzzard to our sightings along with another Marsh Harrier,this time a Juv.,heading north along the valley towards the Estuary to roost.As we were about to set back towards the car,a good sized flock of Pink's headed in the same direction as the Juv. Marsh Harrier and numbered about 550 birds,a great sight to see.A nice few hours out and about locally.
Industrial Sunset,looking towards the Steel Works at Scunthorpe.

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