Monday, December 30, 2013

Windy North Linc's.....

With the forecast of rain and strong wind today,the only prospect was to try and find a site with some shelter,so we decided on Barton Pits.We started proceedings looking for the recent influx of local Long-tailed Ducks and managed to find all the birds,albeit not easy on the windswept pits,but we managed some nice views of them eventually.Other birds seen over the pits included an adult Peregrine which flew towards New Holland and a Juv. bird which flew south inland over the fields,a great start.As it began to rain we made it back to the car and headed over to Far-Ings to get out of the rain and made our way to Ness hide,here we spent the next 3 hours.The first highlight to be seen was a very confiding female?? Cetti's Warbler which was watched to the right of the Ness hide as it flitted about in the undergrowth,a lovely little bird and it certainly brightened up the dull day.After a short time the first of 3 Bitterns flew across the pit and landed on the edge of the triangular reedbed across from the hide.The next was spotted by Chris to the right of Ness hide and was watched as it moved about mainly in cover,but gave some nice views through the binos as it searched for food,before walking deeper into the reedbed and being lost to view.The final bird of the three was a real showy bird,first being seen by myself along Ness causeway stood in the open,before it flew into the channel cut in front of the hide.It soon appeared and proceeded to gradually walk its way towards us catching a couple of small Perch giving some amazing views and the best i have enjoyed in a long while.It came closer and then moved off to the left of the hide before being lost to view.The rain gradually got worse and we then came to the decision to call it a day.While looking at my images of the Bitterns on the camera i decided to have a look on the phone at the latest bird news and boooom!,poss. 2nd winter American Herring Gull,2 Caspian Gulls and Iceland Gull at Elsham,Tom Lowe strikes gold again!.

Shit....headless chicken routine ensued and i dashed off to have a look.On arrival at the fields it was like looking for a needle in a haystack with literally thousands of 'Large' gulls.After much scanning i did manage to find the Juvenile Iceland Gull and got some great views of it on the deck and in flight as it flew off.Another visit tomorrow is on the cards,so watch this space.A really productive day considering the weather.

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