Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Lincolnshire Little Bunting...03.03.2014.

After hearing while Trace and myself where away that Linc's birder Dean Nicholson had come up with another cracking find in the form of a presumed wintering Little Bunting at Lea near Gainsborough,this is where i headed this morning.After eventually finding the area where the bird had been frequenting and getting a decent parking spot,i got the kit together and wrapped up on this cold and frosty morning...yes frost!,i walked onto the birds chosen fields.After a few minutes walking i heard the bird calling,that distinct Robin-like 'Tic,tic' sound and sure enough,there it was sat in the hedge adjacent to some gardens...brilliant,my 'First' Lincolnshire Little Bunting and bizarrely in winter AND in a weedy field in the middle of rural Lincolnshire.This is an amazing find when you think of the situation of the site,a long way from the coast and the time of year and just goes to show you can always expect the unexpected in birding.I managed some nice scope views before the bird flew to its set aside strip of Dock to feed,calling on and off and after this became a bit more flighty,being seen loosely associating with a male Reed Bunting.It showed on the overhead telephone wires on a few occasions and once flew as far as Lea wood before returning,back to its set-aside,showing again on and off in the adjacent hedgerow.What a great bird and it was nice to finally catch up with one in Lincolnshire after seeing several over the years in York's,a great couple of hours.

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