Tuesday, May 06, 2014

GWE etc.....Saturday 03.05.2014.

After spending a long week at work and seeing the forecast the previous night,i got home from my night shift,had a quick sleep and then decided to go over to Barton to see if there was anything 'New In'.After arriving in the old visitor centre car park i made my way over to Ness Lake.Today there was very little present apart from a fishing Common Tern and a few blasts of Cettis song.I then decided to walk west taking in Chowder Ness and the old chalk quarries,having Ring Ouzel or something better in mind.I stopped to photograph a pair of obliging Swallows at Southcliff Farm,when i noticed a large,white heron about mid-way across the river...this had to be only one species Great-white Egret!.I attempted to try and get some record shots of the bird,but they arn't even that due to the distance,but on one you can make out the long pale bill,dark legs and long wings.This was a most welcome record and a 'NEW' species for me at Barton,putting my list at a respectable 227,pretty impressive for an inland site.After seeing the Egret i then carried on my walk seeing plenty of insects,but no further notable bird sightings apart from a single Whimbrel which flew east down the estuary.Insect highlights included 6 species of butterfly with the bulk being Green-veined White and at least 6 male Orange Tip were also logged,but the best sighting of the day insect wise went to 6 newly emerged Blue-tailed Damselfly,my first sightings of the year.They were all seen along a section of sheltered hedgerow near the old visitor centre a welcome sight to see and my second sighting of Odonata for the year.After enjoying my walk i wearily made my way home,slightly worse for wear after the lack of sleep,but it was a well worth visit again to this great local area.
Great-white Egret,distant record shot.

Hawthorn Blossum.

Male Orange Tip.

Meadow Buttercup.

The Humber end of Leggot's Quarry.

Male Whitethroat.

Leggot's Quarry looking across the estuary.

Blue-tailed Damselfly.

New Pits,Old Visitor Centre and Humber Bridge.

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