Monday, August 31, 2009

The patch again....

A four hour visit this afternoon got me a few goodies to write in the notebook.There was a slight increase in numbers of Green Sands today with 8 being seen,5 in the Soak Drain and 3 in the Old Ancholme.Also observed along the Old Ancholme was a smart solitary Kingfisher,always nice to see.The most notable sighting for today,was probably the male Stonechat i saw at the railway crossing,perched on the fence there keeping out of the wind under an Elder bush and gave great views, a lovely bird.The rest of my sightings really comprised of more of the same as yesterday,4 Marsh Harrier,1 juv. Hobby,a single Swift over the village,6 Common Buzzard and the best sighting of the day!!Mr Goy and Mr Johnson added to my yearlist for the patch before i went home.An enjoyable few hours.


  1. Hi Steve

    Thanks for adding a link to my website, I have done likewise. Interesting blog, I hope to see you around soon.


  2. Anytime Nick,cheers for the comments.