Sunday, January 10, 2010

Barton Boomer's!

A visit to the old patch at Barton again today in the grotty weather resulted in some excellent sightings and included at least 6 Bittern at Far-Ings,with 4 birds around the perimeter of the Target lake which gave fantastic views and a great chance to watch them fishing with even a bit of Bittern aggro between 2 individuals thrown in aswell!,these were the best views i have enjoyed of this superb heron for a long time,with one being seen down to a range of 30 metres as it sheltered under a hawthorn bush from the cold easterly and sleet showers!.Also on and around Target lake were the cracking male Smew,a single male Marsh Harrier which flew east and a female Peregrine,with one seen near to the Humber bridge also.Earlier a small family group of Bewick's Swan flew east down river and comprised of 5 adults and 2 juv's,an excellent record of this fairly rare swan,my first local ones for some years.A great days birding despite the freezing conditions.


  1. Steve, please do come visit in late May or June. If you can make it out then, I will take you out to the one Wallcreeper nest I know and we can search for others. It is also a good time to try to find breeding Ptarmigan and Snowfinch and the Alpine Accentors and Water Pipits are singing their merry hearts out.

    btw, great robin!

    Happy birding

  2. Thanks Dale,will keep that in mind,sounds great!

  3. Awesome shot and a pretty bird.

  4. Thankyou eileen,they are lovely little birds.