Monday, February 22, 2010

Local Patch Wild Swans...

Four hours on the patch this morning produced some great sightings,with a large mixed flock of swans on fields at the railway crossing,with 47 Mute,5 Whooper and 8 Bewick's,the Bewick's being the first i have seen on the patch since the winter of 2002/2003 and all gave great views despite being a bit nervy,with the whole flock being flushed by a 4x4 vehicle when they all flew into the wet pasture field,later returning to their original field after a wash and brush up!.Also seen today was my first patch record of Barnacle Goose,with a single bird being seen with a flock of 70 Greylag as they all flew towards the humber,who knows where this bird originated as there are a few free flying flocks of feral birds in the region,but an unexpected record all the same.Also quite rare on a local patch scale of things,was my first multiple record of Little Egrets,with 2 feeding in the small ditch which runs north to south before you get to the soak drain,a species i always enjoy seeing!.Other highlights included a single Merlin which flew across the fields while i was watching the Egrets,2 Peregrine,a juv. male which landed in the wet pasture for a quick drink,before flying off and chasing an adult female,a great sight,a whopping flock of 87 Corn Bunting,my largest patch count!down at the railway crossing,28 Curlew,female Marsh Harrier and 140 Fieldfare.A very productive and enjoyable few hours.

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