Sunday, February 28, 2010

Male Hen at last!!...

An all day session around the local patch today got me my first local patch record of a male Hen Harrier after missing several reported individuals over the past few years,i have at last connected with this winters cracking male.The bird is in fact a 2nd winter/3rd cal yr.,as it has areas of brown feathering on the mantle and looks like it has a more reduced white rump than an adult bird.I first saw him today hunting a newly developed wetland area at Bonby Carrs,he then was watched as he headed towards Worlaby along the river bank,giving superb views of this stunning raptor species,a real joy to watch!.We later saw him again hunting the fields to the north east of the car park at Worlaby again enjoying great views.After talking to some other local birders,it seems this bird has also been encountered at Alkborough Flats and possibly over the humber at Brough Haven,so he is certainly ranging widely,as they often do.Other birds today included the continued prescence at the railway crossing of the wild swan flock, which still contained 5 Whooper and 8 Bewick's Swan,the Bewick's and Whooper's being particularly appealing and great to study alongside the commoner Mute's with me on several occasions,seeing all three species in the same scope view,great stuff!.Other species recorded included 2 Green Sandpiper(Flooded fields to the north of the car park),1 Merlin,1 Peregrine,2 Barn Owl,1 Short-eared Owl(Soak drain),107 Corn Bunting(Railway crossing),1 Little Egret and at least 9 Common Buzzard(With the superb pale morph juv. being seen in the railway crossing/river area).Mammal sightings today comprised of 3 Roe Deer and at least 5 Brown Hare.A good day on the local patch,shame about the crap weather.


  1. Not too good for birding here in Western Australia either. 40+C temps!

  2. Thats far too hot Richard,i will stick with the cold i think!!.