Sunday, April 17, 2011

Kj's Garden,16.4.11.

Trace and myself went to visit my sister Kirsty and Kev,her boyfriend,at her home at Beverley yesterday and as it was a nice day,we were sat in the garden.First of all we had 3 Sparrowhawk,1 male and 2 female's displaying over the garden and then about 30 minutes later i spotted 2 more raptor's soaring around on the thermals,2 adult Peregrine!.They were a male and a female and gave great views as they slowly drifted south,perhaps checking the Minster for a new nesting site.After this unexpected sighting,we continued to enjoy the sun seeing several butterflies which included 3 Brimstone,2 male Holly Blue,3 Green-veined White and my first Large White of the year,great stuff and it just goes to show what can turn up in and around your garden.

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