Sunday, April 10, 2011

Lutra lutra etc.....

Fan-leaved Water-Crowfoot


Long-tailed Tit nest

Lycogala terrestre

The heath area on the reserve.
A few hours spare again today while Trace was working,so i decided to go back to Messingham Sand Quarries to see what i could find.The highlight of another great visit,was more fantastic views of an Otter watched fishing on Grebe lake and i spent at least 45 minutes watching it today,what a beauty!.I never get tired of watching these superb animals,they are simply fantastic!.I was also very pleased that Teresa managed to see it today after several blank visits and i also managed to find another area were it has been scent marking.Bird highlights today included at least 4 Marsh Harrier,6 Common Buzzard,more Blackcap,Willow Warbler's and Chiffies and a couple of Brambling in the entrance to the pine plantation,with the male heard singing on several occasions,great stuff.Insects featured highly again today with the following totals for butterflies being 5 Brimstone,6 Green-veined White,3 Peacock,3 Speckled Wood,1 Comma and 1 Small Tortoiseshell,with other highlights including a Red-breasted carrion-Beetle and several Slender groundhopper.Amphibians were also well represented today with about 20 Common Frog,15 Common Toad and 10 Smooth Newt.Another superb day at this priceless reserve.

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