Sunday, June 12, 2011

Beautiful Troutsdale....

Herb Bennet.

Herb Robert.

Expert photographer at work.

The River Derwent.
An all day visit today to this stunning part of the countryside,primarily to see the reported Honey Buzzards didn't disappoint,with us seeing at least 4 different birds,with 2 male's displaying.The first bird we saw was displaying to the right of the raptor viewpoint as we viewed it and was distant until it flew across the valley over our heads,with a second male doing the same also,the display flight is amazing to see,with the males looking like giant butterflies with their wings above their heads,clapping together,stunning!.This second male was carrying food,which was interesting,so must have a female sitting and flew past at close range,allowing us to see the pale head and iris,what a cracker.While watching these superb birds,we also managed to see a couple of immature Goshawk,one which was watched chasing a Carrion Crow and then it chased another Gos,both looking like they were immature male's going on plumage characters and size,this certainly is raptor heaven!.We later saw another 2 Honey Buzzard,both probably females,from were we parked the car,just before it started to rain again,with a passing shower.Other raptor's observed,included single Sparrowhawk,Kestrel and at least 7 Common Buzzard,which included 2 displaying male's.After enjoying the raptor fest,we decided to walk around this superb area and after being seen off by a nasty farmers dog and a near accident trying to cross the river,we got back to the car safe and sound!.Highlights along the river included 4 Grey Wagtail,4 juvenile Grey Heron,2 Spotted Flycatcher,Kingfisher,Marsh Tit,Nuthatch and flyby sightings included a couple of Siskin and 22 Crossbill.Non-bird sightings today comprised of several Brown and 1 Sea Trout and an array of woodland flowers with the smell of Ramsons filling the air all along the river.A superb day out,in a cracking part of the world,with some great company.

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