Saturday, June 18, 2011

My second home.......

Female Common-green Grasshopper.


Common Toad.

Marsh Cinquefoil.
Another visit this afternoon to this superb reserve,after a brief visit to look for the Crane at Saxby,saw a decent variety of birds,insects and plants around the reserve.Bird highlights today consisted of a showy Spotted Flycatcher in the plantation,which was watched sallying for insects in the canopy of the pines,calling constantly,with that distinct pssss-tick call and nearby 4 Willow Tit were seen in a mixed Tit flock,giving nice views as usual.After meeting up with Mike,Steve and Teresa,further bird highlights went to a couple of Black-tailed Godwit,at least 6 Common Buzzard and 2 Hobby,on and around the main lake.Insect highlights went to my first Meadow Brown and Ringlet's of the year,with 3 and 10 respectively with other butterfly species seen including Speckled Wood,Green-veined White and Large Skipper.3 Grasshopper species were also observed today,with lots of adults beginning to be seen and i managed to get some decent pics too.The reserve was also covered in Toadlets and you had to be carefull not to tread on them,as they were easily into there hundreds and some of the paths were alive with them.Wildflowers put on a great show today around the reserve,with particularly Orchids being abundant,with Dune Helleborine,Marsh Helleborine,Southern-marsh Orchid and Common Twayblade being seen.The Bladderwort is beginning to flower also on the way down to the wader hide.A much better day than expected weather wise and a decent days birding and wildlife watching.

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