Monday, June 20, 2011

Sunshine at last!.....

Mating Green-veined White's.

Adult and final instar Forest Bug's.

Male Common-green Grasshopper.
Woke up this morning to blazing sunshine,what a contrast to the last week!.As Trace was at work,i decided to pay Messingham another visit.The first place i looked,was Grebe lake were after yesterdays traumatic events had hopefully ended well and after a quick scan,they had!.Yesterday we had arrived to see one of the Common Tern chicks floundering around in the water,calling continuously to the very distressed parents,but instead of trying to climb up onto the new raft which they have nested on,it decided to swim across to the old one.When we left yesterday,it was sat under the old raft in the water,but thankfully today it was on top,with constant calling and flapping of wings,no doubt trying to get it's parents attention,the other 2 chicks were still in situ on the new raft,which i must say is a poor design,with no protection around the edges and slippery sides,i think someone needs to go back to the drawing board!.Other birds observed today included a superb 1st summer Hobby which caught a Damselfly right infront of the Duck hide,at very close range and then proceeded to eat it on the wing,amazing views were enjoyed of this super fast Falcon,they do take some beating!.Also seen were a single Crossbill and Siskin in the plantation,along with the resident Spot Fly.With the warmer weather today the reserve was alive with insects and highlights included another couple of Garden Chafer,with several species of butterfly being seen which included Green-veined White,Brimstone,Small Heath,Large Skipper,Meadow Brown and Ringlet.Another great day at this brilliant reserve!.