Saturday, November 12, 2011

Lesser Throat and Goose Bonanza........

Grey Seal Pup.
A day out today down the Lincolnshire coast,saw Chris and myself heading for a dull and damp Donna Nook.On arrival at 07.00 and in the dark,the car park was already packed with cars,this seal watching is going barmy!.We first headed in the direction of Pye's Hall looking for Graham and Neil's interesting Lesser Whitethroat.The bird was found pretty much straight away in the area it had been observed the day before and gave superb close views,with the sandy uppers,gingery wing panel,peachy wash to the underparts and white malar stripe being distinctive.In flight it also had distinct pale sides to the tail feathers.It spent most of its time flitting from bush to bush,but always looking to feed and forage on the ground an interesting habit for a Lesser Whitethroat.After enjoying some great views of the bird it went to ground and we decided to carry on our journey to Pye's.As we were almost at Pye's a flock of White-fronted Geese flew overhead giving their more higher pitched calls and landed on a stubble field at the back of Pye's.We got into position and spent a good hour or so studying the mixed flock of European White-front's and Pink's,eventually digging out 3 'Tundra' Bean's which eventually showed pretty well as the sun came out.This flock contained at least 284 Pink-footed Geese and 44 White-front and it was great to be able to study them at relatively close range,superb stuff!.Also here were 2 Greenshank,1 Merlin and a couple of Lapland Bunting,with a stunning male Hen Harrier hunting the flood bank.On the return journey back to Stonebridge we managed to find the Black Brant in amongst it's Dark-bellied cousins along with 3 Pale-bellied birds and they all gave excellent views,it was turning out to be a special day geese wise.Other birds seen on the return journey included a flock of 4 Lap's,2 adult Peregrine and a single Snow Bunting.After a lovely Cheeseburger and a drink we walked all the way down to quad 3 dodging the female Seals with their newborn pups and managed to find another 6 White-fronted Geese along with 9 Whooper Swans resting on a Beet field there.Also here were another couple of Lap's,a posing Water Rail,2 Merlin and a couple of Common Darter,my latest personal record.A return visit to Pye's as the sun went down,revealed a single Ringtail Hen Harrier and 6 Common Scoter and a female Red-breasted Merg over the sea.A superb day,with some great views of the Geese and Lesser throat.


  1. A great account of what was a productive days birding down the Lincs coast

  2. Cheers matey and long may we have more great days out :)