Sunday, September 30, 2012

Blustery Bonby......

A visit to a windy local patch this morning,saw me walking down to the river and back seeing a few niceties on the walk there and back.The best of the sightings went to a Juvenile Whinchat again,feeding along the same fence line as on Friday and giving equally good views,a lovely little bird.Nearby,Little Egrets were again present today and watched fishing in the pools again as on Friday,with an increase from 2 birds to 4 today.Also,a brief visit from a flock of 85 Pink's to the same pasture fields for a drink and brush up,was a nice surprise,as they are usually only observed passing overhead.A nice mixed flock of Buntings along the hedgerows included an impressive 47 Yellowhammer and 20 Reed Bunting,which gave superb views,2 species i always take time to watch,little crackers!.At the river,the best sighting went to 2 Kingfisher watched chasing each other along the river,another nice surprise,as i have had few and far between sightings of the species locally this year,very nice.A nice few hours around the patch.

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