Saturday, October 06, 2012

LBD And HB........

After finishing a long 12 hour night shift and after a brief hours kip,i headed over to Alkborough Flats to look for ND's Long-billed Dowitcher he had found on Thursday evening(Another quality find).With several of us spread over the site,it thankfully wasn't that long before all hell broke loose,with a quick phone call from GPC to say a Juv. Honey Buzzard was flying over head and that they had just found the Dowitcher at the other end of the reserve.I quickly got onto the Buzzard,watching it flying along the hillside and then soaring over the church before disappearing over the village,a great start.I then walked to the other end of the reserve and up the hillside,which was knackering to say the least and narrowly missed views of it as it flew with a 'Jumpy' Golden Plover flock.This scenario continued for the majority of the time we viewed the bird,but it eventually settled down for a while,feeding at distance with a couple of Redshank.This brought memories back of the Saltfleet bird several years back,which also associated with a flock of Redshank.This constituted my first record of this 'Yank' wader for the Scunthorpe recording area and my second in Lincolnshire.Other niceties seen included a single Curlew Sandpiper,9 Bearded Tit,1 Green Sand,2 cracking Grey Wagtail and 4 Spotshank,but the overall scene of hundreds of waders and superb weather,made for an excellent mornings birding.

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