Tuesday, October 09, 2012

The Northern Wolds and Barton Pits....07.10.12.

Comma,Barton Pits.

Hedge Bindweed,Barton Pits.

Dark Dagger larva,Barton Pits.

Bonby church and the Ancholme Valley.

The Ancholme Valley.

The Ancholme Valley.
An early start this a.m. to visit the patch and look for raptors,quickly changed as the cold air overnight had formed a large blanket of fog over the valley,so it was up to the wold top above Saxby and Bonby for some scenery pics and stunning it was too.After the photo session,i then drove the short distance over to Barton.A walk around the pits and up to chowder ness provided a great mornings birding and weather,with the main highlight being a single female/1st winter Red-crested Pochard on the pits across the road from the old visitor centre.The bird showed nicely as it fed on the profusion of water weed growing in this pit,a smart bird and a nice surprise.There was a small passage of birds overhead also,with at least 20 Siskin moving west in small flocks,a nice flock of 72 Pink's(South),4 Redwing moving west and 3 Redpoll,following the Redwing.Back to the pits and the only other highlight was a Kingfisher seen on a couple of occasions.A few insect sightings were provided today by a single Comma,a cracking Dark Dagger caterpillar,2 Common Darter and 3 Migrant Hawker.A nice few hours out and about again.

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