Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Upper Derwent Valley,Sunday 9th September.

Derwent Reservoir.

Howden Reservoir.

Packhorse Bridge.

One of the locals.

The pathway leading to Slippery Stones and Packhorse Bridge.
With the prospect of a great days weather,Trace and myself headed out for this stunning area of Derbyshire,not really a birding trip,more of a day out to show Trace this gorgeous area of the Peak District.I was bound to come across some of the specialities found in this beautiful area and birds seen included the ubiquitous Red Grouse,with their comical 'Go back,Go Back,Go back' call of the males,5 Common Buzzard,at least 3 Grey Wagtail,several flocks of Siskin and the cream of the crop,a family party of 5 Raven,which put on a great aerobatic display as they chased and played over the hillside were we stood.Commoner species observed around the Fairholmes visitor centre included Nuthatch,some of the afore mentioned Siskin flocks,Coal Tits and a multitude of Chaffinches taking advantage of all the visitors crumbs.A few insects were seen on our walk including Peacock Butterfly,Speckled Wood and the best a single male Common Hawker watched zooming around a moorland stream.A fantastic day,in beautiful surroundings,with some sweltering weather.


  1. must have been a fantastic outing steve,, i know the area ,(cycled all over the place ) but seldom had chance to pause and smell the flowers,,lol,:)
    thanks for the edification,,

  2. Cheers mate,a great day out indeed :)