Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Messingham Bits.....Saturday 13th July 2013.

After finishing a long week of nights and arriving home in more gorgeous weather,i went to bed for a couple of hours before getting up in another scorcher.I decided to travel only a short distance today and went to visit my fave reserve in Linc's,MSQ.As is usually the case on the reserve in high summer,no real surprises were encountered in the way of birds,but a single Black-tailed Godwit was on the main lake in amongst a flock of very vocal Lapwings and an impressive 6 Willow Tit were seen around the reserve,including 4 together,encouraging for this lovely little bird.But as is usual at this time of year,it was insects that provided the highlights and Odonata in particular.I managed a few 'Firsts' for the year today in the form of Brown Hawker(9),Ruddy Darter(1),Emperor(1) and Emerald Damselfly(5).There was also a late male Hairy D to complete the count of 10 species for the day.Lots of butterflies were on the wing at last,with good numbers of Ringlet and Meadow Brown and my first Gatekeepers of the year being seen,which are always a personal fave.On the moth front an early instar Vapourer Moth larva was a nice find and a few Shaded broad-Bar were logged also.My other favourite family of insects Orthoptera are finally being seen in some good numbers,with three species being seen,Meadow,Common-green and Field Grasshoppers,with males of each species being heard around the reserve,excellent!.Finally,its not a great year for the Dune Helleborines,as all the spikes i could locate today had been eaten,i presume by rabbits,so who knows what next year holds.A nice few hours out and about in some proper summer weather.
Sunbathing Chiffchaff.

Comma taking minerals from around one of the ponds.

Male Common-green Grasshopper.
Female Emerald Damselfly.

Reed Warbler.

Female Tufted Duck with ducklings.

Early instar Vapourer Moth larva.


  1. good stuff mate ,allways informative & entertaining write-up .:)

  2. Thanks matey,its much appreciated :)