Thursday, February 13, 2014

Local Two-barred.....12.02.2014.

After a failed attempt in dire weather conditions the previous day,this morning saw me heading again to Forest Pines to look for the male Two-barred Crossbill in much improved weather,albeit being overcast.At first,only 6 birds where seen and they flew off after a short while feeding and this theme continued for an hour or so.Birds continued to be just be seen in flight until at last the main flock arrived,but the first time they just passed over,but the second time they thankfully landed in some Larches at the side of the A18.A quick scan through them revealed the Two-barred feeding alongside his Common!.Roy,Mal and myself settled down to watch this super Scandi Crozzer as he tucked into several Larch cones,pausing to see off a couple of Commons away from his meal,giving some nice views through the scope,showing off the 'Big' curved white wing bars and white tertial edges and totally different orangy/red plumage to the Commons scarlet plumage.What a cracker and a local bird,ten minutes from home.I can't understand why any so-called birders would not want to see this species over and over again,they are simply stunning birds and well worth the effort in my eyes,this bird also being the 'First' twitchable bird for Lincolnshire and a great find for the visiting birders who found it.After enjoying a good thirty minutes of watching the bird,the flock was flushed again by golfers teeing off and i travelled home one more species richer on my 'Linc's List'.....what a little beauty.

As a footnote and after some discussion about the bird,it seems it may be a 2nd calendar year male due to the orangy-red rather than more red plumage and freshly moulted tertials and secondries.

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