Sunday, September 12, 2010


Orb-web Spider(Araneus diadematus)
Another visit to Far-Ings this afternoon to look for the reported Osprey from yesterday resulted in a big zero,but i did gain some compensation in the form of another male Cetti's Warbler.Todays bird showed brilliantly in the Hotel pit hedge and was watched singing in the lower branches of a Buddliea bush.As i commented in yesterdays post,these are a smashing little bird species and lets hope they get properly established here,it is a perfect site for them.The only other birds of note were a handfull of Beardies and a single Whimbrel which flew west.There were still a few dragons on the wing today,which included at least 20 Migrant Hawker and 10 Common Darter.A nice few hours in some sunshine at last.


  1. A great picture, Steve. Did you use a micro?

  2. Thanks Bob,i did use my macro setting on the camera,yes!.