Friday, August 12, 2011

Little Gulls.......

Magpie Moth in my sisters garden at Beverley.
A visit to see my sister today,gave me the chance to go over to Hornsea to experience the annual gathering of Little Gulls on the mere there and tonight was no disappointment!.On arrival,the birds could be seen everywhere and after my first full scan of the water i came up with at least 400 birds,but then another 200 appeared and then another 150 and by the time i left,i had seen 900 birds at least,with the final figure tonight reported on RBA being 1220.For anyone who hasn't seen this spectacle,it is well worth the effort,as personally i have always thought that Little Gull's are such an appealing species and to see at least 700 birds at one time,together,all hawking insects over the water takes some beating in my opinion!.There were at least 60 birds perched on the pontoons at the yacht club,with the birds bathing and preening,before flying out to sea to roost or having a feeding session,amazing stuff!.A superb few hours and one i will be enjoying again next year!.